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My name is Audrey Addi-[McNeil] and I am a mother, a wife, and an author of two books that will give you hope for your daily lives. My first book, Thoughts Inspired by God, will guide you into knowing about my past life growing up in Jamaica as a Christian before coming to America. It will also show you that even when you have struggles, if you trust God, he will direct your path. Life Changing Prayers will  guide you in how to pray and seek God for all your daily needs. It will build your knowledge in the word. You will find scripture readings in this book that can only enrich your lives. Some of the proceeds from these books will go to "Feed the Children Around the World" and Church of God World Missions through my local church.

I would like everyone who visits my website to feel blessed that you are able to see and read. God is the only source for all that we have. Without his blessing, we could not move.

I hope you will get copies of these books and tell somebody what the words mean to you after reading them. Please share with your friends and family through social media. Thank you in advance for buying these books. I hope they will bring added joy to your lives.

Audrey Addi-[McNeil]


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